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About Private Skin Care TM

Private Skin Care is a source of information for individuals who are interested in non-invasive medical cosmetics. Doctor appointments available on the weekends and evenings. No waiting rooms--you're seen at you actual appt. time and won't be wondering if you have been forgotten.

We can provide a concierge services such as:

  • A ride home before and after treatment
  • We can provide a consultation in your home or office
  • Off-hour consultations (evenings & weekends)
  • More timely appointments with the doctor (Saturdays & early evenings after 5:00pm)
  • Reserve a room at the doctor's office for extra privacy .NO more waiting rooms
  • We'll never rush your treatment or keep you waiting.
  • Consults are informative and as long you need. So, ask as many questions as you like.

We  offer private one-on-one consults for individuals located in British Columbia and Washington state. We are  happy to  assist  you with your travel plans to Victoria, BC Canada.

We are now providing consults for patients in Courtney, Comox, Campbell River, Nanaimo, and other areas on Vancouver Island.

Private Skin Care main consultation office is located in Victoria, BC, downtown--Market Square.

Call today for your private consultation: 250.598.7056

Private Skin CareTM often directs presentations on skin care options to small groups of individuals wishing to learn more about their medical cosmetic options.
Please read the disclaimer.

Our consultants have assisted a local (Victoria, BC) accredited dermatologist with most procedures and is able to provide knowledge and costs, but not a medical diagnosis. Treatments are doctor performed.

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